Acknowledging A Person’s Crossing Without Mourning

So the last couple of days have been extremely difficult as the smooth entrance to the new year seems to now be over. There has been some extremely difficult news over the last couple of days, the least of which is the passing of someone I formerly had a familial relationship with. This has drug … Continue reading Acknowledging A Person’s Crossing Without Mourning

Finding Spirituality Through Accountability

Recently there has been an incredible amount of instances that I have seen where what could have been reasonably minor incident with minimal consequences to the people involved that skyrocketed into intensely stressful situations simply because the single person that caused the event refused to take responsibility. So it has set me back to thinking, … Continue reading Finding Spirituality Through Accountability

The Blessings Of Giving

Now that the rush of Christmas is over, and everyone is settling into enjoying their new gifts, returning home from visiting family, and overstuffed from eating far too much good food, I'd like to take a few minutes to discuss a holiday that we in the states don't celebrate. In all actuality, it's not really … Continue reading The Blessings Of Giving

Being Aware of How We Affect Others

We live in a world where we are constantly being bombarded with various forms of media: tv, internet, social media, magazines, etc. All of these myriad forms are telling us how to be, what to do, how to think. But there is also another form that isn't so obvious, and can be more insidious than … Continue reading Being Aware of How We Affect Others