Welcome to The Warrior’s Den, the home for learning to understand Spirituality, and ourselves in a Loving, Healing and Compassionate way, and likewise to help others in the same way ourselves are learning.

The Warriors Den is the creation of Christian and Shannon Telford, and the website reflects their passion for life, new experiences and healing.  Both Christian and Shannon are intensely creative, and vibrantly active, seeking to involve the whole Mind, Body, Spirit concepts in everything they do.  With Christian’s background in music and healing, and Shannon’s in journalism and arts, and the willingness and drive to question everything to find their own personal truths in every experience, and to share that truth with others to help both themselves, and others find healing in a world where the answers we have been given make no sense.  The Warriors Den is about learning to accept that Everything We Think We Know is Wrong, but it’s also about learning to accept what we experience as our own personal truth, and sharing that knowledge with others for everyone to benefit from new understandings.