The Future Is No Longer Entertainment…

...Or what movies should I watch to understand and get my head around current events? Good evening, Warriors  For so many of us, the future is here, now.  We are no longer reading it in books, or watching it in movies.  Now, we just have to turn on our televisions or drive through our towns. … Continue reading The Future Is No Longer Entertainment…

Emotional Instability

Good evening, Warriors.  I hope this day finds you all well.  Here in the Den, we've been catching up on old projects (I'm finally finishing the bedroom painting I started last year!), and getting prepped for things to come. Today, I want to talk briefly about some of the emotional ramifications that current events have … Continue reading Emotional Instability

Watching History In The Making

Good Morning, Warriors!  Today is another beautiful day in the  desert, even if it is getting hot early!  The sky is blue, and the fields have a late crop of what looks like wheat growing well.  In many ways, nothing in our world has changed.  On the other hand, I don't think any of us … Continue reading Watching History In The Making

Creating New Structure From The Ashes Of The Old

Good Evening, my fellow Warriors, and welcome back to the Den.  Tonight, I want to talk about schedules, and how they effect us.  Like so many of you, before this "pandemic" started, I had a schedule.  I got up in the morning by a certain time, went to work at a certain time, came home … Continue reading Creating New Structure From The Ashes Of The Old

Building A New Life From The Ashes Of The Old

Welcome back Warriors!  And thank you for your patience.  As with the rest of you, for the last several weeks, my life has been going through some drastic changes and upheavals.  I'm going to discuss just how much we have gone through here, as we progress, and my story is only one of billions.  I … Continue reading Building A New Life From The Ashes Of The Old

I Had A Dream About Peter And The Wolf

/For as long as I can remember, I have had recurring dreams, nightmares really. Terrifying episodes of death, plane crashes, blood raining from the sky and government control. I also grew up in a generation of kids who were told to always have emergency supplies on hand in case of environmental disaster (earthquake, etc) or … Continue reading I Had A Dream About Peter And The Wolf

Don’t Follow Panic And Propoganda

Life in the Den has been incredibly busy, and as I've mentioned, many significant changes are in process. Between these changes at home, and how busy we are at work, it has been some time since I've been able to write anything, much less work on blog posts. I have noticed (as I'm sure most … Continue reading Don’t Follow Panic And Propoganda

Riding The Waves Of Change

Just when you think you have found peace, and things seem settled for the time being, it never fails..... change happens. And right now, since the beginning of the retrograde that started last week, change has been very big in our lives, both at home and at work. That's the reason it's been quiet on … Continue reading Riding The Waves Of Change