Celestine Vision– The homepage for James Redfield, the author of The Celestine Prophecy series of books.  The Celestine Vision is a community of like-minded individuals following the insights and bringing about positive change into our world.

Daily Om – A beautiful webpage with daily inspirations and courses promoting Spirituality.  I have found it to be a beautiful resource.

What the Bleep – What the Bleep is the movie that helped me most to understand Quantum Physics, bringing the science to Spirituality.  It helped me learn that I do not need to hold onto old ideas and programming taught to me as a child.

The Secret – Another incredibly practical guide to making changes in your life (and, yes, I used them to create this site!)

Carlos Castaneda – His books on Shamanism and becoming a “Man of Knowlege” in the Toltec tradition.  Other authors include: Florinda Donner and Don Miguel Ruiz

the Dalai Lama

Jay Shetty – Check out his story.  He is amazing!

Prince Ea – I love his wordsmithing!