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Starting a New Chapter, Together: When It’s Time to Move Closer to a Senior Loved One

Aging is a natural part of life — it’s a time for personal and spiritual reflection and gives people the chance to reevaluate their priorities. For family members of older adults, this period can be just as eye-opening. Whether you’re seeing your family member in a new light or prioritizing your relationship, the passage of time can usher in many questions.

If you and your senior loved one are physically distant, it’s only natural to have an urge to be closer and take part in the next chapter of their lives. But when exactly is the right time to move closer? Read on to find out and learn how to make your relocation as smooth as possible.

Knowing When to Relocate

Being in the same area as a senior loved one has benefits for both of you. Spending quality time with family on a regular basis keeps older adults healthy, improves their psychological well-being, and makes for a generally happier life. Additionally, seniors who regularly interact with younger generations have a greater sense of purpose and can provide unique advice and perspectives that parents cannot. 

Additionally, relocating gives you the chance to make long-lasting memories with your loved one before it’s too late. Unfortunately, reduced mobility and progressive illnesses like dementia can be extremely debilitating and often lead family members to regret acting too late. For this reason, relocating once a loved one has retired is a common choice. If your loved one is already well into retirement, no time is too early to be closer to them. 

Relocation: To Rent or To Buy?

A common issue families run into is the decision to rent or buy a home when relocating to be near an aging loved one. Moving is arguably one of the most stressful tasks to undertake in life. For this reason, any shortcuts that can ease the strain on you and your family should be utilized. Choosing to rent rather than buy right away can eliminate some of the financial and mental stress that often accompany a move. Plus, online listing sites make it easier than ever to find a place that meets your needs. Once you’ve settled into your life in a new city, you can take your time finding a forever home.

Relocation and Your Career

Though the nationwide transition to remote work has made it easier to keep up with your career from anywhere, relocating could still require a job change. Many people see this as an opportunity to reassess their values and career goals for a fresh start. For entrepreneurs, moving a business is simple with adequate planning and organizational skills. Consider the legal or financial things that need to happen to move your business to a new location and leave time to get everything done.

Making the Most of Your Time With Senior Loved Ones

Many families may feel called to move closer to an aging loved one to provide support. Relocating is a big decision, but it can greatly benefit your family. Plus, deciding to rent over buying and planning your move properly can make the process seamless. For more information about living spiritually and with compassion, visit The Warriors Den today.

Image via Pexels. Article by Claire Wentz