Welcome Back to….. Me!!!!

Wow!  I can remember the last post I wrote and the day, I think….   It has been so long!  It wasn’t my intention to be gone for such a length of time, but oh!  So much has happened!  Which brings me to….   welcome back, Me!  And I am so happy to be here!

Ok, now that the dramatics are over…., yes, I really am excited to be back writing again.  And I am the most excited that I have been over writing in YEARS!  Not just several months, or a few years.  I mean I am more excited about writing than I have been in over a decade, and probably closer to 15 years!

Guys, this is huge, and I’m running out of time since I have to get some sleep before work tomorrow, but I had to pop in and let you all know the basics of what has gone on the last few months, and in particular, the last month since I posted.

So I have, as I mentioned last time, a new job.  It’s in a different industry than I have ever been in previously, but it is still a customer service job, and one that I do very well.  I love the people I’m working with, have very few regulations to deal with, have a boss that’s easy to get  along with and cares about his employees, and there’s no drama.  That’s right.  After years of grinding things out in call centers and retail environments where the expectations are unrealistic and management refuses to treat their employees as anything more than a body to fill a chair, I have a job which is exactly the opposite of what I’ve been dealing with for most of my career.  I cannot tell you what a difference that makes and how much happier I am since I started this job.

A  few other details….  I work in what is probably one of the smallest airports in the country, it only has one airline and only five flights in and five flights out every day.  There’s one restaurant and no gift shops.  I can walk the entire length in about 60 seconds if I’m going slow.  By chance, I’ve already seen customers from my two previous jobs, and coworkers from the job before that (one of whom just became a coworker again)  Plus, it’s a beautiful building, has lots of art and history, and since it’s so small there is significant downtime.

The reason all of that is important is what leads to the best part of the job…..   there is so much downtime at this job (don’t get me wrong, we’re still decently busy and have plenty to do) that I can do other things while I’m at work.  When it’s slow, I am not required to sit and “twiddle my thumbs” being bored and playing on my phone (oh, yeah!  Instead of phones being banned, I’m practically required to have one.  They are a big part of the communication process, both in calls and in texts), I can bring in other things to do.  So far I’ve read one of my old favorite classic novels (Little Women by Louisa May Alcott), and I’m currently reading the second in the series.  I’ve also been able to take in craft projects and work on them there.  I have been able to get back to work on a present that I’ve been working on for over three years because I have time to work  on it now.  And best of all, I have time to write!  That’s right.  I can go to work and work on the projects I have outside work, and the boss doesn’t have a problem with it.

Part of what has taken me so long to get back here is that there are only two shifts available, and right now we are still sorting through setting everyone’s permanent schedule.  I have been trained on both shifts, and can perform almost anything necessary for both.  But with all the training and working both shifts (often closing at night, then opening the next morning), there’s been a lot of exhaustion and catching up on sleep.  I had also sustained an injury, that while it only lasted a short time (about a week), it had been very painful to move during that time.

There have been other things that have occurred as well, involving deep pain and deep healing, that I’ve been dealing with and I’m happy and grateful to say that there are some old wounds, many from childhood, that have been brought out and I’m in the process of dealing with them.  Many of these come from events I don’t remember, and only have reactions to have an idea of what originally occurred which makes it difficult, but not impossible to heal from.

In the meantime, I that all of you for your patience, and for checking in with me from time to time.  I am grateful to each and every one of you, for without you, The Warrior’s Den would not exist.

Blessed Be.

Author: Preacher Lady

Shannon is an Esoteric Minister and a Pagan High Priestess. She has over 20 years in customer service, and her Associates in Journalism. She has been researching Spirituality, Self-Empowerment, Healthy Living & Organics, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy most of her life, and teaches from personal experience. Shannon loves reading, writing, traveling and just about anything creative. She and her husband are currently building The Warriors Den in the desert southwest.

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