What Do You Do?

There are so many things I want to talk about, so many different subjects to explore and discuss.  I feel a burning to write like I have not felt in many years.  Now, time is only on my side.  I keep wanting to move forward, now, Now, NOW! But I must wait.

Patience is a Virtue.  With Time all things will come to pass.  I must remember this and stay focused.  The drive is here, I can’t let small things stand in the way or make a mistake that could change things in an unwanted way.

So what do you do when all you want to do is everything?  When it’s not the right time, you wait.  I have had far too many experiences trying to push an issue.  I know that speaking now will not help anything.  I have asked many times and meditated on what is the right thing do.  Every time, the answer is the same.  Wait.  Be patient.  We are nearly there.

Change is scary.  In fact, it’s terrifying to me.  This is not the Path I would have chosen if I could have chosen to do anything.  This is the Path that has been given to me and I have accepted.

So what do I do when I want to write about everything?  I wait.

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