Building A New Life From The Ashes Of The Old

Welcome back Warriors!  And thank you for your patience.  As with the rest of you, for the last several weeks, my life has been going through some drastic changes and upheavals.  I’m going to discuss just how much we have gone through here, as we progress, and my story is only one of billions.  I think it is important that we share how things have changed for all of us; what’s been most difficult, most rewarding and how we are all adapting to this shifting paradigm.

For those of my Spiritual brethren, yes, we know the ascension is progressing, and no, it’s not comfortable for us.  We are in this together, and we are holding strong.  This is what we are here for, and we are succeeding.  For those of you who are unaware, or unsure of what the ascension is, simply put, it is a time of great energetic change.  It is a time when we as a society, undergo great change and upheaval to attain new understandings, new knowledge, new and better ways of being.  Sounds a lot like what is currently going on, doesn’t it?

I do want to state, before we get to far into what has been happening, that my opinion (see previous post) on current events has not changed.  I have not seen anything that would indicate to me that what is being pushed and talked about in mainstream media is anywhere close to the truth.  I have also seen many things in less popular sources that have shown me that I am, if not correct, I’m not entirely incorrect either.  Some of this information I may bring out in future posts, or you can always leave me a message or email me directly.  I also want to make clear that while I  do not agree in any way with governmental control of any means at any time, as it usually causes far more damage than what it is trying to resolve (and no one person, or entity has the right to control anyone else), I also recognize that change must happen, and currently the opportunity to make changes has never been better.

So now that we’ve gotten some of the basics out of the way, let’s go ahead and talk about some of the specifics of what has been occurring, and what I have going through over the last few weeks.  Let me start off  by saying that what may have been the biggest and hardest change, is also the biggest and best blessing right now.  If you have been reading my blog over the last few years, you may remember that a couple years ago, I started trying to clean the office space and trying to prepare for making some changes here, and opening other places for “The Den”.  For a long time, for various reasons, I often felt hampered, and I was always trying to get everything done all at once, at home, at the chapel, everywhere.  Then last year I found a job where things were looking up a bit.  I had time at work to complete craft projects, write the blog, etc.  Well, the biggest change in my life is that, due to an extreme lack of business, I no longer have a job.  However, the blessing part is that since I won’t be looking for a job anytime soon, I now have the time to work here now.  Part of the reason for my absence and not writing anything in the last couple of weeks has been that I have been home cleaning and organizing our home and the office, and starting our indoor garden.  I now have new focus and drive in being able to get things done, and even without knowing what is going to happen in the future, I am more at peace now than I have been in years.

In all of the uncertainty and fear that people are trying to find ways to cope with, I have also seen parts of my local community come together in some amazing ways:  Since we are a major agricultural community, it stands to reason that we have some pretty big food companies in town.  One of them, had so much product that they couldn’t sell, so they gave it away to the community.  I’ve seen local farmers, small family farms open up their gardens and start selling to their neighbors.  I’ve seen small groups of individuals start collecting food and sharing together, and with those in need.  I know that what I am watching is a shift from a mass market based economy, to a more local, community based economy.  This is part of the shift in consciousness, and one of the changes that will benefit society every time, anytime.

One of the other changes that I’m certain you all will have noticed, is the change in the environment.  The skies are bluer than I have seen them in years, the water is clearer, I can see mountains where I used to only see haze and dust.  Mother Earth, herself, is beginning to heal.  And while it will take much more, and much longer than what is currently happening to resolve the damage we have been doing, it’s a beautiful start.

I have also seen a profound swelling of sharing and beauty from the arts community, the musicians and theater world.  I have seen artists from all walks of life, some I know personally, some I only know from seeing or hearing their published works, sharing their works and gifts online for all the world to enjoy.

One of my greatest challenges before was a lack of time and difficulty in holding structure.  When I started the blog, my schedule was perfect for keeping on track and writing regularly.  Over the last couple of years with job and life changes, that’s been difficult to maintain at all.  Now that I have a bit more time, energy and focus, I will be able to update more, while also creating my own structure and learning how to overcome the idea that I need a set schedule to get anything done.  It’s another perfect learning moment, not just for me, but a moment that we can all use to find a new way of doing things, a new moment to start something we’ve always wanted to do, or learn something we’ve always wanted to learn.  It’s a perfect moment to be a Warrior.

Blessed Be.

Author: Preacher Lady

Shannon is an Esoteric Minister and a Pagan High Priestess. She has over 20 years in customer service, and her Associates in Journalism. She has been researching Spirituality, Self-Empowerment, Healthy Living & Organics, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy most of her life, and teaches from personal experience. Shannon loves reading, writing, traveling and just about anything creative. She and her husband are currently building The Warriors Den in the desert southwest.

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