Shifting Consciousness

When I was a child, and into my teenage years, there were certain subjects that were considered almost taboo.  Trying to discuss subjects like the paranormal, paganism, psychic abilities, miracles, etc was in many cases likely to get you ostracized or shunned.  At the very least, the people you tried to talk to would likely avoid your presence in the future.

In the decades since then, much has changed.  While the subjects are not exactly mainstream, people are much more open and willing to discuss the possibilities of what may exist outside of what we can consciously perceive.  We are starting to shine Light on those things that we used to keep in the dark.

Through our discussions we are changing our perspective on the nature of existence.  We are beginning to allow ourselves to accept the things we cannot see, or have no physical evidence of.  We are learning to be open to the possibilities of things we could not prove before.

As we open ourselves up to the possibilities of what could be, we are also learning that stories and lessons we have taken for granted, but had no proof of may in fact be possible, but not in the way we were taught.

As each of us begins to shift our perspective individually, as we hold more discussions about what we perceive but cannot see, as a society we begin to shift our consciousness.  We are learning that in time, these things that we could not allow ourselves to believe in, not only are real, but that we can accept them as part of our experience.  We can incorporate them into the biggest miracle of all.  The miracle of our lives.

Author: Preacher Lady

Shannon is an Esoteric Minister and a Pagan High Priestess. She has over 20 years in customer service, and her Associates in Journalism. She has been researching Spirituality, Self-Empowerment, Healthy Living & Organics, Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy most of her life, and teaches from personal experience. Shannon loves reading, writing, traveling and just about anything creative. She and her husband are currently building The Warriors Den in the desert southwest.

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