Business Relationships

You might be asking yourself why would a minister create a page discussing business relationships and Spirituality?  After all, businesses and Spirituality have nothing to do with each other, nothing in common, right?  Would you be surprised if I said, if a business is run the best way it can be run, it has everything in common with Spirituality?  It all comes down to one word:  Service.

No business will last long if it provides poor service to anyone.  That includes, it’s customers of course, but also it’s vendors, and it’s employees.  But it also means that all parties involved hold at least some personal responsibility as well.  Yes, customers hold responsibility as much as a company’s employees or vendors.  In any relationship where there are multiple parties involved, then all parties involved will hold some form of responsibility.  The problem with business today is that very few people remember that it is other people involved, and not just a number.

In the following areas, I will discuss areas where, in my experience, some of the greatest problems in business relationships are occurring.  Where I provide examples, please keep in mind that these are actual events that I experienced.