Riding The Waves Of Change

Just when you think you have found peace, and things seem settled for the time being, it never fails..... change happens. And right now, since the beginning of the retrograde that started last week, change has been very big in our lives, both at home and at work. That's the reason it's been quiet on … Continue reading Riding The Waves Of Change

All In The Spirit’s Time

If we are on our Path, and learning the deeper mysteries of the Spiritual Laws, then we may be familiar with following Synchronicities. For those who may be unfamiliar with that concept, they are often more commonly known as coincidences. We may be thinking about a person, or have a desire for something, and it … Continue reading All In The Spirit’s Time

Learning To Adapt To Change

As I've mentioned in previous posts, so far this year has been a year of healing and change. Due to recent events, this seems like a good time to discuss my experiences in adapting to change. One of the biggest problems in coping with change is that our ego doesn't want to change. Regardless of … Continue reading Learning To Adapt To Change

Through Adversity, Finding Healing, And A New Norm

The past week has been rather unexpectedly eventful, and not in the best of ways. I have been seeing the effects of a very intense energy everywhere, and, no, I have not been immune which is part of why it has taken me a full week to get back to writing. There have been disputes … Continue reading Through Adversity, Finding Healing, And A New Norm