Finding Gratitude In Unexpected Places

Today, I want to share my experiences from the last few days. Not in any one particular story, but more of a generalized trend that I've seen occurring from multiple sources. One of the problems that many of us must discover within ourselves, and learn to overcome is an issue of judgement. I am no … Continue reading Finding Gratitude In Unexpected Places

Acknowledging A Difficult Situation Without Judgement

Today, after several days, I am grateful to say that things are back on track and better than ever. Last week we had several difficult moments and situations that arose, and it took some time, but we have taken the necessary time and acknowledged our feelings and moved through the difficult moments, healing old wounds … Continue reading Acknowledging A Difficult Situation Without Judgement

Acknowledging A Person’s Crossing Without Mourning

So the last couple of days have been extremely difficult as the smooth entrance to the new year seems to now be over. There has been some extremely difficult news over the last couple of days, the least of which is the passing of someone I formerly had a familial relationship with. This has drug … Continue reading Acknowledging A Person’s Crossing Without Mourning

Finding Spirituality Through Accountability

Recently there has been an incredible amount of instances that I have seen where what could have been reasonably minor incident with minimal consequences to the people involved that skyrocketed into intensely stressful situations simply because the single person that caused the event refused to take responsibility. So it has set me back to thinking, … Continue reading Finding Spirituality Through Accountability