Creating A New Normal

Change is disruptive. Always. Once we have a regular routine, we become accustomed to the routine, and making any changes becomes uncomfortable, frustrating and, at times, downright aggravating. For the last two years, since shortly after beginning this blog, this is the situation I have been in. Near constant changes in my routine, usually due … Continue reading Creating A New Normal

Revisiting An Old Issue

Over the last couple of weeks at work, we've been exceptionally busy, so I've had little time to write. However, I have been keeping watch, and I have seen one issue that has appeared, and reappeared quite prevalently across multiple aspects of my life, both personal and professional. This is an old issue, very prominent, … Continue reading Revisiting An Old Issue

A Long Break To New Insights

Welcome back Warriors! Now that things are beginning to settle down into the beginnings of a new normal, I've been able to take a look back and ponder the events of the last year. Life is always full of changes. That's how we learn and grow, as individuals and as a society. A year ago, … Continue reading A Long Break To New Insights