Spiritual Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms, and ideas come from many sources.  Many times I find inspiration in conversations with people, in the beauty of a flower or animal that crosses my path, in a simple look.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Many times I find myself reminding myself to remember an event that occurred so that I can write about it, so that we can all learn to recognize the Spirituality in all things.

There is a misconception about Spirituality.  The idea that we can only find the Spirit in a certain place at a specific time is only an idea that we have learned.  True Spirituality is in every moment, of every day.  Many times it is hard for me to remember this.  I often find myself repeating old patterns of judging harshly, or saying something out of habit. It’s times like these where I have to make a concerted effort to change my thought to something that, if not Loving, at least isn’t negative.

Often, I do find changing my viewpoint difficult to do.  I work in what is not exactly a positive environment.  At these moments, I find inspiration in the people I work with, sometimes just because they continue to come to work knowing what they are coming in to.  I will find gratitude because I am still employed, and can provide for my family.  I am inspired by the some of the conversations I have with some of my callers, which will then get me through the more difficult calls.

Inspiration takes many forms.  Sometimes it is a quiet moment when I can reflect on how far I have come, and know that my next inspired moment is just waiting to show itself and surprise me with it’s next form.

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