Requiem for the Friend I Will Never Know

Today I need to honor someone.  Someone I will never have the chance to meet, or to know.  But I honor her because I know all I need to know about her, to know that she is my friend. Many years ago, I had a friend in high school.  We weren't particularly close, but he … Continue reading Requiem for the Friend I Will Never Know

The Spirit of Christmas

Today I want to dedicate my post to those who cannot be with their families and loved ones today.  This post is for those working in medical facilities, emergency services, call centers, stores, military, etc.  But this post is also dedicated to those who may have the day off, but can't be with their loved … Continue reading The Spirit of Christmas

Movie Messages

The other night, my family and I went to the movies.  This doesn't happen often, and it's usually a pretty big movie.  This time was no different, and we all had a great time.  And while the movie itself was pretty impressive, what impressed me more was the amount of messages in the movie. This … Continue reading Movie Messages

Messages from the Heart

So often, as I sit down to write, I have more thoughts than I can possibly count, more ideas for a post than I could write about in 10 years!  Spirituality is involved in every part of our daily lives, or rather, it should be. One of the primary issues I often have is making … Continue reading Messages from the Heart


What is an illusion?  Is an illusion a lie that someone creates to hide the truth from us, or is it a mask that we use to hide from the truths we don't want to see? Is our first illusion the fact that we choose to hide from truth? This is a question that I … Continue reading Illusions

Celebrating Time

Imagine what life would be like if we didn't have to worry about schedules, birthdays, holidays, meetings.... How nice would that be?  I can tell you, that it is very nice.  When my husband and I got serious and moved in together, that was one of the biggest changes in my life.  I am grateful … Continue reading Celebrating Time

Paying Attention

So often we think we are paying attention to others, but in reality, are only paying attention to the thoughts we have in our head, or to whatever is the immediately "have to" for that moment, with minimal attention anywhere else. I have to share an experience that happened only this morning.  So often, as … Continue reading Paying Attention

Spiritual Inspiration

Inspiration comes in many forms, and ideas come from many sources.  Many times I find inspiration in conversations with people, in the beauty of a flower or animal that crosses my path, in a simple look.  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Many times I find myself reminding myself to remember an event that occurred so … Continue reading Spiritual Inspiration

The Most Wonderful Gift

The last couple of days I've been feeling very retrospective, as I always am at this time of year.  I'm certain most of us go through the same thing.  Another year older, and what does it mean?  Also, because the holiday season is here, the new year is coming, and so has the greed. It … Continue reading The Most Wonderful Gift