Gratitude and Miracles

The last few days for me  have been difficult.  Not because things have been bad.  They have been busier than normal, but not bad.  Work was a little rougher than normal, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I’ve just had a hard time staying positive.

This morning started out no different than normal, I got up and started getting ready for work.  I didn’t want to have a bad day, I didn’t want to be negative.  But I was still having a hard time getting positive.  So I prayed.

The greatest prayer is only two words.  “Thank You.”   And I always thank the Spirit, God, Source, for my blessings.  This morning I simply asked, “Spirit, I don’t want to have a bad day.  Please show me something positive, something magical, something surprising.  Please, Spirit, I just want to have a good day, I just want to be positive. Thank You.”

Spirit does answer us.  Not always as we expect, but there is always an answer.  Today I had several.  We weren’t as busy as I expected.  I had more friendly people, and was put on the call line I prefer.  But the biggest surprise was that I walked out of work and found an old friend outside waiting for someone else to get out of work!  I hadn’t seen my friend in many years, and it was a beautiful moment.

I had a positive day.  God does answer us.  Sometimes it is quiet, sometimes not.  It is always what we need when we need it.

So now I say, Spirit, Thank You for a good day.

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