Gratitude and Miracles

The last few days for me  have been difficult.  Not because things have been bad.  They have been busier than normal, but not bad.  Work was a little rougher than normal, but nothing out of the ordinary.  I've just had a hard time staying positive. This morning started out no different than normal, I got … Continue reading Gratitude and Miracles

When the going gets Rough

Today is a rough day.  Not because of anything in particular, but it's rough.  I keep wanting to yell, scream, start a fight, something.  It's not a comfortable feeling.  It's also one that most of us can recognize, but we have no name for. In times past, anything could have happened when I felt like … Continue reading When the going gets Rough

Being Grateful

As I sit here this morning, with my turkey cooking in the oven, and the warm smells wafting through the house, I have to  take a moment and recognize how different things are for me now, than they were in my childhood on holidays.  And I have to recognize how truly grateful I am for … Continue reading Being Grateful

Everything We Think We Know is Wrong

Everyday we are bombarded with so much different information it is often difficult to find the truth. It is even harder when we consider that our minds, our Ego, would prefer to hold onto a false piece of information simply because it is easier, or more comfortable to continue to believe a falsehood when the … Continue reading Everything We Think We Know is Wrong

Welcome to The Warriors Den

Welcome to  The Warrior's Den, a blog that would not exist if not  for all of You, my friends.  For many years, many of you have requested that I share publicly many of the things that I have learned, experienced or gained knowledge on throughout my life.  This blog brings me back to my beginnings, … Continue reading Welcome to The Warriors Den